Pond Information

It is recommended visitors become acquainted with the following rules to avoid the possibility of violations, thus making their visit a good one. Violation of rules will result in suspension of use of Club facilities for the current summer.    

  •NO GLASS BOTTLES are permitted on the beach, pavilion or club grounds.  

 •Motor vehicles of any kind are not permitted on the beaches.  

 •Sleeping, or parking in vehicles during nighttime hours (after sunset) is not permitted.  

 •Soliciting of any kind is not permitted.  

 •Beaches are closed to all use between the hours of sunset and sunrise.  

 •Fires, or portable grills shall not be permitted on beaches (except under supervision at Club Pavilion).  

 •Group activities not to exceed 12 persons are permitted at the Pavilion, except when the Pavilion is booked and sponsored by a Club member.  

•Changing of clothes is permitted in buildings provided for that purpose.

   •All waste, and trash, must be placed in the containers provided.